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Summer Dating

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Summer is a wonderful time to start dating

summer-girl Summer always brings great memories of romances, dating and flirts. Nothing like holidays and relaxation to bring out the best in people and might we say, in life.

 This summer is no exception, there was definitely a lot of exciting new love in the air, our website free registrations showed a boom and a lot of new love birds started to nest anticipating the long coming winter.

 Zaaam Dating website was also the target for new welcomed changes, that we think will make the love birds life a lot easier when using it. Continue reading to learn more about summer love.

It's never too much to remind all the readers and new website users that Zaaam Dating is a tottally free online dating community, to hidden stuff, by free free we mean everything is free and ads clean. Sign up for a profile here.

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Zaaam Dating facebook page summer photo

zaaam facebook_photos With all the summer love activity we implemented new changes in our facebook page, a great new cool timeline photo, new application button and overall ease of use. We also started to post quote photos for all our growing fans to like and share, check them out here and remember to like our page so you can get them in your facebook stream.

 The new facebook application center, implemented new rules... Zaaam Dating already as the new facebook application ready and it's pending approval because the application needs more likes to be listed. Although our facebook page as tons of likes, we never shared the like button for our application, hence we have very few likes. Your help is needed to like our free dating application in order to get it listed in facebook application center.

If you enjoy the summer relaxation and are looking for chilled out romance, there is still time before the summer ends, join our free dating community and let sizzling love warm your vacations. Set up profile here.

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